Monday, 31 March 2014

Weapons Of Mass Deception (WMD)

We have recently been dealt massive blows through the Gospel music industry. And when I say we, I refer to all Christians in Nigeria.
It appears we have become ignorant of the devices of the enemy, forgetting that we are in a permanent war; we have chased money instead of mercy and have given place to the father-of-lies. Many of us seem to think that the devil has gone on leave!
Ladies and gentlemen of The Cross, I know how easy it is to forget purpose while chasing daily bread; I know how convenient it can be to isolate one piece of scripture or doctrine and twist it just to excuse fear, revenge, lust, greed and even doubt. But sirs and mas, as we try to ‘survive’, let us be reminded that we have an active, enterprising enemy out there whose sole mission is to destroy our journey in Christ Jesus.
Let us not be ignorant of his devices! Jude, Peter & Paul all cautioned that he will send Trojan horses our way…people who come in disguised as helpers & friends but are actually agents of derailment.

They come disguised in many different forms. Mentors, husbands, friends, colleagues, bosses, protégés, pastors, Sunday school teachers, priests, employees, neighbors, wives, counsellors, sisters, girlfriends, Landlords, Nannies, brothers & school teachers. Some of them are willing agents of the enemy, while others don’t even know they’re being used as the devil’s tool, but take caution; they’re never far from you.
Those ignorant tools are not the enemy, (both Judas and Peter tried to derail Jesus, but he never fought them directly) but we must be alert to WHEN anybody around us is being used as a weapon by the wicked one.
Some, however, are willing tools. They are pretenders with just one task upon entering your life…to make you forget WHO YOU ARE in Jesus Christ. Of course, they don’t want you to make heaven, but even more importantly, they do everything they can to prevent you from apprehending! They want to stop you from achieving the grand purpose that you were re-created for.
Have we forgotten that we are put here by God to influence the world? We are saved to save. Not just by preaching, but by being and by becoming.

Money is not the proof of God’s grace. Don’t let any wolf-in-pastors-clothing tell you different. If a man is blessed, it will show in much more than currency. WE ARE THE SALT OF THE EARTH. Our positive impact and inspiring influence on our surroundings is the true proof of eternal life in us. Don’t be complacent; you’re NOT of this world. This world IS against you. Your adversary, the devil IS the god of this world. 

All of what I have shared today is in the scriptures, and you do know them. But I’m only writing to remind you as future-fellow-occupiers of those streets of gold.

So, what am I saying in summary?

Remember the cloud of witnesses…
Remember the crown of life…
Remember the blood of the dying savior…

And fight

Tunde Makinwa
Convener, Gospel Night Live

Wednesday, 6 November 2013


The story of your life is still unfolding. No matter what you’ve lost or what you’ve achieved, there can still be a twist that will change the outcome of your story. That’s time and chance at work.
The Bible infers that all men are equal because time and chance happens to everyone one of us. That is why a person who appears to have everything going for them can suddenly end up down in the dumps at the end of the day. Time and chance happened.


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Tunde Makinwa
Organizer, Gospel Night LIVE

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Hello Folks

We're going back to the spiritual basics with the 8th edition of Gospel Night Live…Come join worship master GBENGA ADENUGA as he takes us through the do-re-mi of touching the Father's heart. That's not all; make sure you bring your strongest dancing shoes because BUKOLA BEKES, silk-voiced veteran praise leader, is fully on ground to raise the roof.

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Tunde Makinwa

Sunday, 22 September 2013

He's Still A Carpenter

I've always thought there was a reason Jesus chose that particular profession when he walked amongst us. Imagine taking a rough, discarded piece of wood and turning it into something beautiful and useful every single day...that was his job for years before he preached even one message. How cool!

No leper had been healed when Jesus was already sawing, carving and smoothing over chairs & stools in his father's dusty workshop. Can you take a moment to imagine the dedication it took in zero BC; no chainsaws, no gloves, just hammers and chisels and bare hands…WOW!

Not a single 'Hosanna' had been hailed in his honor by then, yet he'd made so many things beautiful in that time; before he raised the dead or fed 5,000, he'd already turned many stubborn, sad, suffering sections of wood into wonderful works of useful art. I am actually convinced that Jesus becoming a carpenter was a way of practicing turning bad to good in our lives.

Hey, guess what, he's still fixing things today! He hasn't changed one bit in over 2000 years. He's still carrying the cross of our imperfections into HolyGhost Workshop Unlimited and repairing us from the inside. He's still carefully polishing us to perfection and then displaying us for the benefit, use and pleasure of others. Amazing isn’t it?

Do you remember the story of the shouting blind man?

"What wilt thou that I shall do unto thee?" was what Jesus asked him. Just like any customer calling on an artisan, he would have to say EXACTLY what he wants created (or in the blind man's case what he wants re-created). Luckily the clever blind man quickly placed his order "Lord that I may receive my sight". After all, this was the best and busiest carpenter in town .

I'm so glad that I have a hands-on savior and you should be too. Finally, there are many lessons we can cull from this analogy. Let me list a few:
  • Many times we come across people who are still being processed in the master's workshop. They're a little sinful around the edges yet they claim they love Christ. Don't judge them, just pray that he that started the good work will complete it in them
  • We ourselves feel pain from the master's tools of trials, chastisement and temptations and there is a tendency to doubt his love at those times. But let's remember that "when he has tried us we will come out as gold"
  • He molds and crafts us so that we can become a blessing to others. Let’s not keep our talents, knowledge and riches he reveals in us to ourselves. We're made to remake this world in His image.
  • You already have the raw materials in you to reach your destiny, just let Jesus chip away the bad parts
  • Finally, and most importantly, call on him for anything you need fixed in your life... he's still a carpenter
Tunde Makinwa
Organizer Gospel Night Live

Thursday, 8 November 2012


This past few months have been really some trying times for me. I have been struggling in different areas of my life and honestly, it has not been easy. Maybe it was because experience always brings out the best in me.

I've been saddled with the responsibility of talking about book of James for some time now and I was wondering what can I possibly say. Don't get me wrong, I could have easily conjured something up. I just didn't want it to be just another thought of mine. I wanted it to be something that everyone of us can relate with. I think I'm almost at that point now. I believe the time is right now though to put my experience and thoughts into words. Hold on tight.

I remember condemning folks about how disgraceful it was to misrepresent the person of our Lord Jesus Christ. Yes, I did that, in all my impeccable, righteous, "I can never fall" self. I hate to confess it, but, I've also been a disgrace! I've made a fool of His name. I've allowed my self fall into the snare of the enemy by letting the lust of heart take over the desires of God for my life. I've been so selfish and careless.

Then, God, in His everlasting kindness and mercy, gently brought emptiness into my spirit so that I could feel the void created by His absence in my life. I began to feel so sorry that I could not approach Him anymore. In His love, He said to my spirit, "count it all joy when you fall into temptations". I quickly picked up my Bible and turned to the book of James. It was there in James 1:2-3.

Trying times does not only mean financial difficulties, failing health, unsettled marriage etc. Trying times, as I've experienced, are times when we walked astray from God to do our own desires. It is that time when we struggle with our loyalty to Him. A time of standing, falling and standing again. It is such a time when we are of ourselves drawn away by our own lusts just to gratify our flesh. Yes, those are trying times.

Then, it makes me wonder why I should rejoice at such a time. It is clear now to me that a man of experience is a man of patience and wisdom. Overcoming trials makes us patient. We become wise because we have learnt from experience and will be able to relate in wisdom to others as to what their reaction will be. A soldier that has battle scars is the one that can be said to have faced the enemy squarely and triumphed. Yes, that is a man of trial!

Woohoo! I feel like preaching now! Patience is a virtue! Yes! When a man is patient, his decisions are not rash! He is the kind of man that "counts the cost" before reacting. Only that kind of man can be like David, "the heartbeat of God". Only that man can have true joy despite all that has happened to him. Only that man can know what it means to make a mistake and still be a winner. Only that man can say that the Christian race is truly an interesting one.

I'm getting really excited but will hold on in Patience and allow you digest all I've said today. Stay glued to this blog and get your mind blown away by the writings of James!


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Hello Good people! Guess what? GNLIVE #6 is just around the corner !!! The date is October 25th (yes it's that close) and as usual it's gonna be HOOOT! But while you wait for GNLIVE #6 details, enjoy pictures and videos from the September event....:-)